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Sunday Bulletin

April Canon of Faith

 Schedule of Services

Friday, April 25  Saint Mark the Apostle,  Theotokos of the Life-Giving Spring
     8:00am  Orthros and Liturgy
Saturday, April 26

    Saturday, April 26

     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, April 27
     8:30am Orthros + Liturgy
Saturday, May 3
     4:45pm Blessing of the Water/ Agiasmo
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, May 4
     7:15am Orthros + Liturgy 1
     10:00am Liturgy 2
Saturday, May 10
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, May 11- Mother's Day
     7:15am Orthros + Liturgy 1
     10:00am  Liturgy 2
Wednesday, May 14 - Mid Pentecost
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
Saturday, May 17
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, May 18
     7:15am Orthros + Liturgy 1
     10:00am Liturgy 2
Tuesday, May 20
     7:00pm Vespers in Vallejo
Wednesday, May 21- Saints Constantine and Helen
     8:00am Orthros and Liturgy
Saturday, May 24
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, May 25 - Third Finding of Head of St. John
     8:30am Orthros + Liturgy
Tuesday, May 27
     7:00pm Apodosis of Pascha Vigil in Castro Valley
Wednesday, May 28
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
Thursday, May 29
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
Saturday, May 31
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, June 1
     7:40am Blessing of the Water/ Agiasmo
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
Friday, June 6
     6:30pm Vespers
Saturday, June 7
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
     11:00am Memorial at Cemeteries
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, June 8
     8:30am Orthros + Liturgy 1
Monday, June 9
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
Thursday, June 12 - Sts. Onouphrios and Peter the Athonite
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
Saturday, June 14
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, June 15 - Father's Day
     8:30am Orthros + Liturgy 1
Monday, June 16 - Fast of the Apostles Begins
Friday, June 20
     8:15am Orthros + Liturgy with VCS
Saturday, June 21
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, June 22
     8:30am Orthros + Liturgy 1
Tuesday, June 24 - Nativity of John the Baptist
     8:00am Orthros + Liturgy
Saturday, June 28
     5:00pm Vespers
Sunday, June 29 - Saints Peter and Paul
     8:30am Orthros + Liturgy 1
Monday, June 30 - Synaxis of the Apostles
     5:00pm Vespers





after Wednesday Presanctified Liturgiues


Forgiveness Sunday - PC/ Stewardship: Fr. Dn. Dr. John Chryssavgis

March 5 - Philoptochos:  Metropolitan Nikitas

March 12 - AHEPA/ DoP/ Choir: Dr. John Klentos

March 19- Youth  

March 26 - Missions: Milutin Janjic

April 2 - Hellenic School: Dr. Rossitza Schroeder

April 9 - Golden Years Seniors: Ann Woods




April 5, 11 a.m. 

Experiencing Holy Week

through Its Rich Hymnology

with Father Michael Prevas





 The Theology of Illness

by Jean-Claude Larchet

Learn how the Holy Fathers

address the issues of illness and healing.

Tuesdays from 10:15 a.m. in the Boardroom




Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives

- the Life and Teachings of

Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Fridays 5:45-6:45 pm before the Salutations service



Giver of Life: The Holy Spirit

in Orthodox Tradition

by Fr. John W. Oliver

Online Lenten Book Club - 2014 Lenten Session

To participate and to register:






Information and Application Forms




Feasts of the Triumph of Christ an His Church


JUNE 16-20, 2014

Application Form


Download presentation here 

Sunday, November 24


Useful Links

Ecumenical Patriarchate:

Greek Orthodox Church of America:

Metropolis of San Francisco:

Hellenic College/ Holy Cross:

Orthodox Christian Network:

Youth Workers:

Ionian Village:

Saint Nicholas Ranch:

Apolytikion of Saint Nicholas (English and Greek). Listen here.

Prayer at the end of class

  Importance of Stewardship

Click here to make a donation or become a steward of Saint Nicholas Church.

A financially strong St. Nicholas Church supports the spiritual growth of our community, it provides the ability to grow as our needs change. Our stewardship allows for well funded programs including Sunday School, Dance Groups, Greek School and Athletic programs. 



Church: 1260 Davis St
San Jose, CA 95126

Office: 986 Chapman St
San Jose, CA 95126

Summer Hours:
Orthros 8:30am
Followed by Divine Liturgy

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church    986 Chapman Street, San Jose, CA 95126
Church Office: 408-246-2770    School Office: 408-243-0507    Church Office Fax: 408-246-0143