Looking for Greek School teachers and helpers

The Center for Hellenic Education (CHE), serves the Silicon Valley’s Hellenic Education needs. Our program has one of the best graduation rates of 100% pass rate for Greece’s’ Ministry of Education proficiency exams over the last three years. We are looking for dynamic, passionate, and qualified individuals to join our team and our mission.  The ideal candidate should have mastery of the Greek Language, teaching skills, as well as a professional who wants to provide students with an exemplary, Hellenic education.

Teacher responsibilities

  • Define syllabus and collaborate with the Director and other teachers to develop an refine curriculum 

  • Prepare materials for class and homework.

  • Engage students on multiple levels

  • Chaperon classes carefully to ensure all students are learning in a safe and constructive environment 

  • Assign, correct and grade homework assignments, classroom work and tests and quizzes 

  • Issue quarterly progress reports and semester report cards 

  • Participate in parent-teacher meetings and communication

  • Participate in Hellenic School Celebrations and preparations

Teacher skills

  • Advanced Degree in Greek Education is required (proficiency exams, degrees, etc.)

  • 2+  years in secondary teaching experience preferred 

  • Experience with and mastery of language(s)

  • Ability to build rapport with elementary/middle school-age students 

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills 

  • Demonstrable record of helping students achieve high test scores and language development

  • Ability to leverage technology in education

  • Ability to work with others and collaborate to improve program development.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, helper, or know anyone that might be interested, please email me, Petros.balaskas@gmail.com.