Basket Ball

The mission of Saint Nicholas Basketball is to provide the youth of our church the opportunity to participate in a church activity. Our goal is for our kids to love the experience and want to play again year after year, thereby keeping them involved. We'd like them to learn the following: -- to play basketball, to play as a team, to be a good sport, to learn win and more importantly learn how to lose, to rely on others, the value of preparation and hard work, to compete while maintaining a good Orthodox Christian attitude and behavior


Paul Papageorge

Our program is for our youth ages 8 through 18. The season also provides our youth the chance to compete and get to know kids from the other Orthodox churches throughout the Bay Area. The basketball program also provides opportunities for parents to coach thereby getting involved in the church when they may not have otherwise.


In 2013, Saint Nicholas fielded five (5) teams: 3 boys teams and 2 girls teams.