Dance Groups

The Saint Nicholas Dance Ministry Program is a ministry program whose mission is to promote Christian fellowship for youth and adults through teamwork, outreach, unity, and diakonia. Our goal is to praise God through traditional music, song and dance, while celebrating the Orthodox faith and Hellenic culture.

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Dance Council

The purpose of the dance program is to bring our Saint Nicholas community together in Orthodox Christian fellowship and to afford them the opportunity to live, learn, and experience the Hellenic culture through dance. We also strive to grow together in spirit and strength, always to bring out the best in each participant. This mission includes:

To praise God through song and dance as stated in Psalms 150: “Praise him with tambourine and dance; praise him with strings and pipe!”

To develop an awareness and appreciation for the Orthodox faith, as well as the Hellenic culture and its traditions.

To inspire our participants about the Greek Heritage through traditional dance and song.

To promote a feeling of unity, family, and community in our youth.

To teach our participants the values of teamwork and commitment.

To establish the principles of Diakonia and Koinonia.